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You might be an excellent manager but as a new managernew manager, dfw magician, tx magician, dallas magician, comedy magician, every move you make will come under scrutiny. Many employees are going to really see if they can rattle you. Your integrity may not be enough in those early days. You are going to need vision, strategy, and a plan to execute it all otherwise you’ll look this week’s fool. Here are 5 tips for new managers, to get you started.

#1 Know the Business

You may feel like you want to come in with fresh ideas and overhaul things. But before you do it, you need to learn to understand the business. Spend some months observing, listening, learning and then acting. Take tiny steps to ensure employees have familiarity and continuity. Don’t worry you’ll have lots of time to bring about change.

#2 Set Objectives

You have the attention of employees so why not capitalize on it. Start by setting ground rules an expectations early on. Outline all your short term and long term visions; identify critical issues, and what each person’s role will be. Set goals but make sure they are simple and easy to achieve. Create timelines and benchmarks.

#3 Meet Employees on an Individual Basis

Give all the employees a clean slate no matter what you may have been told. Instead, go by what happens with you as the boss. Give lots of one on one at the early part of the relationship. Find out about their goals and aspirations, and their history. Don’t judge or make assumptions until you’ve had a personal experience with the employee.

#4 Do the Basics and Make them Memorable

If you want to have an impact in those early weeks strip everything down to the very basics and simplify it all. Determine what’s keeping them held back. Make sure they know that times are changing, build goodwill, and focus your team on the area that’s of most concern ensuring all the obstacles are removed.

#5 Make a Plan for the Department

If you don’t have a plan, your idea will fail. Draft a 3-6 month plan for your department. Set targets with start and end points. Make yourself accountable along with your team. Evaluate weekly and tweak making necessary adjustments.

That’s all for this week. Remember there is magic all around you.

-David & Kylie Knight