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Working from home is different than working in an office and it can take a bit to get into a routine where you are actually able to work and earn a living. Let’s look at some tips on how to work from home.

  1. Create a daily routine that you stick to. It’s so easy to lose focus and get sidetracked if you don’t have you schedule in place. You should create a schedule of how your work day will look and the number of hours you’ll work. It should include meetings, projects, exercise, and even meal breaks.
  2. Occasionally go into the company and get some direct face time. If the corporate office is nearby pop in, and if it’s much further away then schedule a Skype teleconference call. Make sure you make the most of the time you spend at the company by taking care of any meetings or any other company business that needs to occur onsite.
  3. Quickly respond to emails. When you are working from home one of the challenges you’ll face is proving to your manager that you are actually spending your time at home working. Responding to emails quickly actually shows that you are trustworthy and that you can be given projects that are important.
  4. Network as much as possible. When you work from home you will be relying on the internet as your way to build a network. It’s a powerful tool to create strong networking. You should reach out to connect with others in your business arena such as LinkedIn.
  5. Make use of tech tools. There is all kinds of tools available to help you work from home such as DropBox, QuickBase, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.
  6. Leverage your social network. You can use the network to problem solve with co-workers, publish creative ideas, begin new conversations, and take advantage of all that.

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