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For every business, yes, including corporate magicians, at the end of the day it comes down to productivity, because without it you will not be around for long. But exactly is productivity? Well by dictionary definition It would be 1. Causing, brining out, 2. Having the power of producing, and 3.Tendering to produce.

You’d have to admit when it comes to business those definitions are far too general to be of any value. The question becomes is business looking at productivity in the manner in which it will benefit the company the most. It’s important to determine that you are looking for productivity in the most beneficial manner.

When productivity is at 100% you can get an amazing amount done. In fact, it’s one of the biggest benefits to offering a workplace wellness program. The happier, and healthier your workforce the closer to that 100% productivity your company will go. When employees are engaged they are far more productive. Those businesses that comprehend this get the most out of implementing such programs.

A common misconception is that when we are busy, we are productive. In actuality, this is simply not true. Why? Well because if purpose is missing than we can be incredibly busy but our output is low. We’ve all experienced this with a project where are our heart isn’t really into. It seems we are working so hard and yet completion never comes.

It is a huge mistake not to take purpose into account in productivity. You need to have employees that have purpose and that are engaged not just in the project they are working on but in the company they are working for. When you offer your employees a healthy, happy work environment with the right kind of perks this is what you get. By the way, those perks are not always about the money. There is so much more to the total compensation package. Always try to think outside the box.

There you have it. When you are looking to create real productivity, make sure that you really understand what it is to create that!

Remember to look for the magic that is all around you.