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As professional magicians, we rely on our smart phones to connect with clients while traveling from place to place. Thanks to the widespread use of cell phones, texting has become as common as email and voice mail in today’s society—and in today’s workplace. Text messages are useful for immediate communication, but they can also lead to misunderstandings and lawsuits regardless of whether you’re using a company-issued cell phone. Stay out of trouble with these helpful tips:

• Assume they’re eternal. Text messages, like email, can leave behind an electronic record even after they’ve been deleted. Lawyers working with a good IT expert may be able to retrieve them, so use good judgment when deciding what to text.

• Go to the source with sensitive information. Don’t criticize a co-worker or employee via text, nor deliver bad news unless it’s really, really urgent. Some messages should be delivered in person.

• Don’t text during meetings. It’s considered rude, and you might miss something important. And it can be highly embarrassing if you’re noticed.

• Consider the other person. Some people don’t keep their cell phones on all day; And others might not appreciate being interrupted by a text that’s not crucial. If time is of the essence, talk directly to the person instead of sending a text.

• Reread before hitting send. Your auto-correct may change a word, and your meaning will be garbled. Be sure your abbreviations or acronyms are clear. Does your recipient know what AFAIK means?

Text wisely my friends, and remember to look for the magic that is all around you.