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DFW magician, corporate magician, beauty tipsCheck out these Beauty tips you should know about to help you look your best.

1. You can get some amazing beauty tips on Twitter so don’t just rely on it for breaking news. Favor it for your latest beauty news.
2. Use a foundation that contains reflecting ingredients to minimize the size of large pores.
3. If you suffer from brittle nail it can almost always be remedied with Vitamin B.
4. Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey says you can get a new look just by sweeping peachy nude lipstick on your eyelid for semi glossy lids.
5. An excellent pre-shampoo treatment is applying hair oil to your roots through to the ends of your dry hair. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, then shampoo.
6. Cover your jaw line and hair line with sunscreen each day. These spots are vulnerable to skin cancer.
7. One new study found that virgin coconut oil is better than mineral oil for improving dry skin and eczema.
8. When you are going to use a hair product start by applying it to the back first. Use half of the amount on the front.
9. Pointy nails are popular right now but its better to match your shape with length. The longer you are going to have your nails the more almond the shape should be.
10. Volumizing spray is what those gals with curly hair should turn to. It will remove the frizz and provide you with hair spray on your dry hair then caress your curls and ‘bam’ you have great hold.
11. Ladies get the black nail polish out – it’s back in style again this season. You can give it an additional twist by using silver to create lines or designs.
12. Even when your lipstick tube is worn flat, there is still lots of lipstick left in the tube. Just use a lip brush to scoop out the remaining color.

Bonus Tip: To keep your skin looking youthful, it’s important to exfoliate your skin which will sloth off dead skin and encourage new skin growth. Using a face mask like one of these can help improve your appearance.

Try one or more of these interesting beauty tips.