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In every single company, it’s important for everyone to be on the same page in order for the company to succeed.

So, what do your employees need to learn in order for them succeed, and in turn, for your company to succeed? The short answer is, everything. You’ve got to start with the basics, though.

Concentrate on educating newcomers to your organization (and veterans, too) in these fundamentals:

• Your industry. Whether you’re responsible for a mom-and-pop store or a huge corporation, some aspects of your business may not be obvious to every member of your workforce. Educate people on what you do, what’s new in your industry, what changes they should expect, the company vision, mission, and values statements, how customers and others view your work and your company, industry demographics, and so forth.

• Management style. How do you measure and reward performance? What does your organization expect from the people who work for you? The answers to these questions are vital to employees’ success. In addition to spelling out what’s expected, be sure to explain why each item is important. When employees understand that an unscheduled absence means more work for their colleagues or problems for their customers, they’ll try harder to be reliable about showing up.

• Customer relationships. Your workforce needs to know who the big customers are, as well as understanding the importance of even the smallest customers and the most modest product orders. They should know how to use the tools you have available for taking care of customers—everything from customer relationship management technology to your voicemail system. In addition, you need to show them how satisfying every customer helps your organization—and the individual worker.

Thanks, and remember to look for the magic that is all around you!