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Are Employee Recognition Programs good or bad for your company?

In a survey that was conducted just a few years ago, around 1,500 employees who were surveyed across a number of different workplace settings gave the overwhelming response that the most powerful workplace motivator was recognition. While the study seems to confirm the importance of employee recognition programs in terms of employee motivation, it also confirms that such recognition programs need to be very carefully designed.dallas magician, DFW magician, event entertainer, comedy magician

While employee recognition programs have increased in popularity in recent years, critics contend that they are very susceptible to political manipulation by management. If you have an employee recognition program in your company, then that is probably a good thing — but it is important to make sure your employees believe the program is fair and not subject to abuse or political manipulation. It could otherwise end up having an effect on employee motivation that is just the opposite of what was intended.

Reward and Celebrate

Reward and celebrate your employees for various accomplishments and you will have happier employees which leads to higher productivity. You may wish to have several smaller celebrations throughout the year for major tasks completed; financial goals met, etc.. Or perhaps you have one BIG Employee Appreciation event each year. Either way, you will have happier employees.

Many companies have a Holiday Party with dinner and entertainment for your employees. Another option is to open an event up to employees PLUS their families for a big Family Event. Employees will appreciate that they don’t have to have another evening away from their families. Magicians, David and Kylie Knight, will bring the WOW factor your boss wants while being clean for families too. Contact them TODAY!

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