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dfw magician, dallas magician, tx magician, stressStress – it affects all of us and balancing our lives between personal and work can be very stressful. How stress affects us is very personal, and of course, the type of stress we have can vary too. Life is always going to have stress. Learning to deal with stress can help you find balance in your life. These tips are designed to help you deal with stress and balance your lives better.

1. Turn off your phone – one the biggest stressors we have and one of biggest intruders into our home time is cell phones or smart phones.

2. Don’t allow your place of work to keep control over you beyond your work hours. Just say ‘no.’

3. Our body needs water for every activity, thought, and physiological process. Make sure you are drinking adequate water throughout your day. When we are under increased levels of stress you need to increase your water intake.

4. Avoid processed fast food, stimulants, and sugar (Many of us grab for sugar when we are stressed). These are quick but they do not provide the necessary building blocks for health. They can also increase our level of stress.

5. Take slow, deep breaths regularly throughout the day to help cope with stressful situations.

6. When stress is avoidable then avoid it. Most times, it isn’t but remember sometimes stress is really all about perception. Whether you see an event as uplifting, depressing, or rejuvenating it really depends on your take on it. So when it comes to work don’t allow company stressors to become your stress.

7. Learn to cope with the day-to-day stresses in your life. This will do a lot to help you over the bumps in the road without creating roadblocks. Coping will require you to adapt physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you learn to cope, it helps you to maintain balance and this protects your health.

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