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new employee, dfw magician, tx magician, dallas magicianIf you have hired a new employee, you are going to have to announce this new hire, and the new person to the rest of your staff. But what’s the best way to do that? Let’s have a look.

In many workplaces employees have access to email, so the most effective way to announce the new hire is by sending out an email. In workplaces where not everyone has email, you can still send out an email to the supervisors and management, who can then ensure that all employees hear about the new person, what they will be doing, what their name is, their skills, and whatever else you deem important. What’s important will depend a great deal on the position. 

The new employee email allows for an opportunity to introduce a new employee and make others aware of his or her start date. It is also a good chance to make others aware of a hire occurring since many employees may not even be aware the company was hiring. This will make it less awkward for the new employee who won’t find him/herself answering all kinds of questions. 

An introductory email can be very basic. It can start by saying, “We are pleased to announce that Joe Joe will be joining our team on Jan 5, xxxx. Please let Joe know how happy you are to have him as part of the team.

The first day your new employee reports to work they should be taken around by their supervisor and introduced to both the people they will be working directly with and other employees and supervisors that they might have contact with. They should be introduced by their name and what their position is, and they should be given a ‘go to’ person that they can go to for any questions they have in the first while.

A proper introduction makes it easier for the new employee and for your existing team as well.