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Epic mascara, dfw magician, stage magicianYou need the right tools to get the lashes you want. With all the wand shapes available making a choice can be a bit daunting. So how you do you make the choice? Let’s break it down.

When you are buying mascara, you need to take into consideration more than just the want. You need to consider the formula too, and then you need to consider the formula and wand together. 

There are two types of users. There’s the woman who puts on 2-3 swipes and calls that good and then there is the woman who puts on layer after layer after layer. If you are the first woman then you want a wand that deposits the product thick so you only need a couple of swipes. A wire or plastic brush will do the job. The fatter the brush the more mascara it will lay on with each application. 

If you like to apply layer after layer until you’ve created your own eyelash masterpiece, then go for the smaller bristle brush, which stops clumps and applies thin layers without clumping. A fat fluffy brush will create volume. A comb will provide separation and length. Smaller brushes can also do this. 

If you want lift along with supreme curl, choose a brush that mirrors what you are looking for in effects. If you are looking at an hourglass brush that’s how your mascara will go on – thinner on the outer edges and thickest in the middle. 

If you want it all – length and volume, there are products that can achieve that too. Your other option is to use two or more types of mascara to create the lashes you want. When you are purchasing mascara make sure you read what the packaging says to get a better idea of how the product will perform. 

Kylie’s all time favorite mascara (and she has tried many) is called Epic Mascara in Black, and you can purchase it HERE. She loves that is is light weight and creates incredible length and separation of the lashes.