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Do you want your business or company to thrive? Of course you do!

To create a productive work force you will want to ensure that your organization creates a culture of wellness within the company. Let’s look at a few strategies that can help you achieve this.

Start by focusing on the environment where everyone works. Make changes to that will promote wellness such as a comfortable lunch area, walking trails, outdoor seating space, brighter work spaces, adding a gym, onsite daycare, etc. Take inventory of your offices, washrooms, meeting rooms, hallways, etc. and determine what changes you could make that would promote wellness and happier more productive employees.

Once you’ve dealt with the physical components, it is time to look at the psychological and emotional components. Offering programs such as smoking cessation, fitness trainers, disease management programs, and health assessments are extremely popular.

You could even boost company morale by hiring a magician who can provide energy, laughter, and an overall sense of happiness which enhances work productivity.

Consider this – what incentives can you provide and what disincentives can you provide that will create a better workplace and promote wellness?

It is important that you recognize that each employee will have different goals and that your wellness program has enough flexibility and enough initiatives so that all employees can benefit. The key areas you should focus on with your wellness program include:

• Preventive Care – This includes preventative visits, screening programs, covering 100% costs on dental, vision, and medical.
• Understanding Health Risks – Including incentives for employees to complete a health risk assessment that will ascertain where their weaknesses are.
• Provide Wellness Coaches – This can be an invaluable tool to those employees seeking a healthier lifestyle.
• Incentives to Increase Physical Activity – If your organization is unable to host their own fitness center, there should plenty of choices in the community where free or discounted memberships can be offered.
• Initiative to Healthier Eating – Onsite cafeterias should offer healthier choices. Employees should be educated on the risks associated with certain food

You can ask employees to endorse a wellness program and work to improve their overall health, however unless you provide them with resources, tools, and overall support you will not get the compliance you hoped for.

Thanks, and remember to look for the magic that is all around you!