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scaring away interview prospects, dfw magician, texas magician, tx magicianEmployers often make the mistake of thinking they have the upper hand when they are interviewing for a job position, but the truth is that they can actually do things that scare off potential workers. Worse – you just might be scaring away the top talent. Interestingly enough, this happens more often than most employers realize. Let’s look at behaviors that will have potential job candidates running the opposite direction.

1. Being unprepared for the interview –

If you want to quickly turn off a job applicant, don’t be prepared for the interview. If you just take a few minutes to look over the applicants resume, it sends a message that the job applicant isn’t very important and that the company has no respect for its employees. This will turn away your top talent, which are looking for more out of their job.

2. Inappropriate comments –

Even if your company culture is relaxed and allows for cussing, during the interview is not the place for such comments. Your interview needs to have boundaries so that your job applicant isn’t worried about working for the company. Too much information in the interview is also not wise as you can scare a job applicant away before they ever work for you.

3. Inadequate Information –

When an interviewer does not provide enough information about the job to the applicant or if the interviewer isn’t fully aware of the skills necessary or what the job entails it will actually show a lack of respect and that can turn off some of your top talent who are looking for an opportunity to grow and prosper, and to be respected in what they do.

4. Rushing –

There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed during a job interview. If the interview isn’t spending adequate time with the applicant, he/she can leave with a really bad opinion of the company. Interviewers need to make sure that the set aside enough time for each applicant.

These are four common mistakes, but there are others. Keep in mind that if you want to recruit top talent then you need to have an interview process worthy of that talent.