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David and I both celebrate our birthdays in April and naturally, it got us thinking about how we are aging.

Aging is inevitable, but did you know you can slow the aging process with nutrition? Here’s a hint – don’t wait until you are 50 and then search desperately for the magic anti-aging diet.

In the western world there is a direct association between disease and poor nutrition. Processed foods make up a large part of the western diet and as a result disease has reached near epidemic proportions. However, not only does poor dietary choices make you ill, it also affects how you age.

If you want to slow the aging process you need to take in optimum nutrient levels every day. This will create optimum health at the cellular level. To slow the aging process you need to optimize your overall health. There is no quick solution here. The younger you start eating right the slower you will age.

Antioxidants will reduce the effects of the continuous exposure to toxins that are found in the air, in the water, in the food we eat, from the sun we are exposed to, the medications we take, and the products we use. Our exposure to these toxins starts at an early age and builds over time. They are directly responsible for aging skin, puffy eyes, and aging faster than average.

Choose foods that are packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins by shopping the outer isles of the grocery mart. It is here you will find fresh fruits and vegetables, and all the non processed foods.

Do yourself, and your family a favor – stay healthier, live longer, and look younger. In fact, by just eating a nutritious diet you can keep them guessing at just how old you really are.

Thanks, and remember to look for the magic that is all around you!