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Promotion, dfw magician, dallas magician, tx magician, You’re frustrated. All your friends are getting a promotion, but you’ve been stuck in the same job for years. Are the cards stacked against you—or are you sabotaging your own prospects for advancement? Take a good look at your own behavior and eliminate these common roadblocks to promotion:

You’re doing the bare minimum.

Even if you’re not a complete slacker (another obvious obstacle to promotion), just doing your job isn’t enough to get noticed and considered for advancement. Go beyond your job description to show that you’re committed to the organization, not just your paycheck.

Your image needs work.

Are you always complaining? Do you think the dress code doesn’t apply to you? Do you constantly clash with other employees, or with your own boss? No matter how good you are at your job, or how qualified you are for the one you want, managers want to promote people they can work with easily. Brush up your professional image so it fits the role to which you aspire.

Your manager doesn’t know what you want.

Don’t pester your boss for a promotion, but do let him or her know what you’re interested in. A good relationship with your current supervisor can smooth the path. If you’re hiding your ambitions or your accomplishments, managers will overlook your potential.

There’s no room for growth.

Maybe you work for a small company, and no slots above your present position are open. Or maybe you do your job so well that your boss doesn’t want to lose you. Don’t despair or start job hunting. Look for opportunities to grow your business—new products or markets, for example—and show how you can help your organization expand. Be willing to train people in your job so you don’t become indispensable; this demonstrates management potential and a commitment to your organization’s long-term success.