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So, when people find out that we are “magicians,” they love to ask us, “What kind of magic do you do?” That is a trickier question than it might seem at first. I thought it might help to talk a little bit about the various types of magic that there are.

Magic is a form of entertainment enjoyed by many people from all walks of life. Performed well, it is something that will never cease to amaze people both young and old.

Magic tricks are done in a wide variety of ways and fall into different types;

  1. The first one is called close up or micro magic. It usually involves the use of simple things such as a deck of cards, some small balls or a coin. It is really best experienced in small group settings. The great beauty of close up magic is the visceral nature of being able to experience astonishing things happening right under your nose. You will often find magicians performing this type of magic at restaurants, cocktail parties, or even weddings.
  1. The next type is called stand up or parlor magic. This type of magic is slightly larger than close up magic. The performer here is usually working for crowds from 20 – 100. The magician would stand in front of the group with props that are a little bigger than you might find with the close up performer. This is a nice midpoint between close up magic and the next type we will talk about.  Magicians performing this type can be found in many places like birthday parties, schools, even some smaller theaters.
  1. The third type, is called stage magic or illusions. Here, the performer is usually working with much larger props and possibly even theatrical lighting, backdrops, sound, etc. Some tricks of this type that are well-known include cutting a person in half or making a person levitate. Audience size here can be anywhere from a small showroom to huge arenas. Generally speaking, performers in this category tend to be a little more theatrical in their presentations and it can make the show that much more dynamic and exciting. Magicians performing this type of magic are often found at corporate functions, theatrical venues, cruise ships, college auditoriums, churches, or any event where you need to entertain a large group.

There are many ways to start to learn magic. Innumerable magic tricks and trick lessons make it possible for people to learn how to become a magician. This can be started by buying a magic set, teaching video or reading a book. I myself first started to learn by reading books on magic at the local library.

Keep in mind that even though magic can be touted as “easy to do,” it does take practice and dedication to become really good at it!

Thanks, and remember to look for the magic that is all around you!